Hey guyz. Wuts up? So today was pretty good. I worked on some music and edited my website some. Other than that jus chilled n talked to some ppl on aim n played halo with tyler. It was cool n stuuuffff. n/e ways i gtg but ill defanantly post again l8r prolly tomorro cuz i have school in the morning.. so lame lol.

all right l8r g8rs

MuchoSuavo Live Modular Synth Jam

By MuchoSuavo on Incline

MuchoSuavo Live Modular Synth Jam

This was my first live modular synth jam with my 44 space modular system. This was the day I got my Q119 sequencer, and I had just learned that you could send pitch control out from all 3 rows. I’ve definitely come a long way since them as far as my knowledge about modulars, but this is still a pretty cool little sequence!